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Saturn in Aquarius – Solve et Coagula

Saturn enters Aquarius on March 21, 2020, and will remain until July 1, when he retrogrades into Capricorn.

Arabic lots – spiritual components of the natal chart (part two)

In the first part of this paper on Arabic lots, we have dealt primarily with their definition, role

Arabic lots – spiritual components of the natal chart (part one)

By definition, Arabic lots represent astrological factors found by mathematical calculations that include three other factors in the

Interview: The only way to know your fate is natal chart interpretation

From all the astrological terms, retrograde Mercury has definitely gained increasing publicity. Everyone knows that the period when

Age of Aquarius – part three or when does the New Age begin?

In the earlier texts that now make up the trilogy of the coming Age of Aquarius, we have

Age of Aquarius – part two

In the previous text, we have considered the Age of Aquarius from the perspective of religion, mythology and