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Astrological magicK and talismans

Astrological magick operates primarily within the boundaries of the natal chart of the person to whom it applies and its methods are directed towards it. Astrological magick, depending on the level of intervention, is divided into: jatromathematic remedies (medical interventions), electional interventions and corrective remedials of the 7 ontological principles (7 traditional planets). The electional interventions are partly covered through the electional horoscopes ,but there is also another part known as magical elections, ie. choosing the right moment for rituals, prayers, and even for talisman creation, in order to appease the proper planetary powers.

Corrective remedials are primarily about making talismans, amulets and the like. These are actually planetary talismans, and their purpose is to invoke a certain ontological principle (eg, Venus – love), in order to repair this or another possibly bad factor in the natal chart. As a general remedial reference for almost all corrective remedials stands almuten figuris,  the ontological symbol of guardian angel, whereby the talisman is carefully crafted according to the natal chart, that is, to its powerful elements that will help the full integration of this and every other principle. This kind of intervention can be suggested to you when interpreting a natal chart in order to strengthen certain segments of it, that is, if the things aren’t going well in areas of love, offspring, work, money. However, you can also request it for the area that you would like to strengthen or to bring in more favorable influences in your life. The point is that every problem is approached individually without some quick and generic solutions, so some interventions may require more remedial factors, such as elections, talismans and the like..

Data required

Date of birth: Day, month and year of birth
Location:: The city, or nearest major city, and state.
Birth time: Accuracy of time of birth is essential for the accuracy of the birth chart. It is advisable to always state how reliable your birth time is (known from your birth certificate, your mother told you, etc.). As stated, natal chart is the primary source for astrological magic, so the success of the work depends on its accuracy.
Other: It is advisable to indicate which area of life you would like to strengthen, or what intention you wish to achieve through this type of intervention.

How are the consultations conducted?

– Consultations are conducted in person, ie. live in conversation with the client, via the Internet (Skype or Viber), or interpretation can be sent in pdf to your e-mail address
– Consultations are not limited in time, although they usually last 60 minutes. Be advised that creating a talisman can take time, because it is a delicate matter in which choosing the most appropriate moment is very important for making an effective talisman
– If you decide for live consultation, some of the most important information from the reading will be forwarded to you by email

Scheduling and payment

– Scheduling is done via the form on the contact page or by calling +382(0)69 74 93 92
– The cost of an intervention depends on the level of intervention, as well as whether you need to work on one or more levels.
– Payment is made through the bank account, Western Union or other available postal services. Payment instructions will be forwarded to you in due time. Payment can be made in advance or when interpretation is ready.

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