Ascendant Virgo

From 23.8. to 22.9.

Mercury is very strong in this sign, and therefore similar to Gemini in terms of mentality, but the earthiness of Virgo diminishes pure rationality, and their power of reason is not as valued as it is with the more positive Mercury sign.

Virgos are very practical, and their goals are usually influenced by the so-called material benefits. His performance can seem petty, and reason itself makes it difficult to constantly intrude on a pragmatic view of the world. Therefore, he is practically incapable of creating something with the fire of genius. The practicality of the Virgo, her love of order, her patience, and her ability to foresee, point to the conventionality of life which can be mixed with a certain ethical morality that the sign does not possess. Virgos tend to talk more about morality than to, in themselves, feel what is good and what is bad. Every fact in nature is the basis for research, but that fact is always observed from the outside, so it is never fully understood.

The primary source of error in Virgos is that they cannot understand irrational human passion. The lack of compassion that is often characteristic of Virgo is even more noticeable than we saw in Gemini, because this sign, in the end, justifies itself with the integrity of its intellect, while Virgo, by habit, applies intellect to the more material side of every problem.

The qualities described are characteristic only of more or less intellectual types, of course. The average man born under this sign is a typical husband; he is a stable and patient worker, but his work is always routine.

Virgo, on the other hand, is a par excellence critic. She rarely creates herself, but she notices and distinguishes details, often with unnecessary accuracy. He is a purist, a statistician, a man who acts upon a rule and who usually interprets the same in the narrowest possible way. Their success comes very slowly and is usually completely deserved. In that sense, this sign is similar to Taurus, but due to its adaptability, a Virgo bypasses obstacles and does not go through or over them, and thus achieves the same results as Taurus, but with much less energy spent.

Virgo is often very modest, although she is sometimes sensitive to the little dignity she can possess. She gets along well because she is not aggressive. Their limp patience helps their capacities and intelligence, and although they may not master an opponent in anything, they can sometimes get a first-class job without even looking for one; while the lion and the bear fight, the fox escapes with the prey.

Virgos are very frugal and constructive when it comes to financial affairs. Their calculations are very precise because they tend to pay a lot of attention to the little things, firmly believing that “if they take care of the cents, the dollars will take care of themselves.” He can often be accused of stinginess.

Since Mercury is the god of trade (as well as thieves) Virgo is very well adapted to routine affairs and is very smart in bargaining. She will spend significant efforts to save every penny, so she will be very happy when she achieves the best discount or price. Their narrow worldviews are often the cause of them being surpassed by others. They persistently add new columns of numbers, while other people, after making a rough estimate, deal with the dynamic qualities of their plan. In other words, Virgo can be a great bank clerk or cashier, but she rarely becomes a financier.

In domestic life, these people are often happy enough; they do not seek trouble and do not respond well to it. Anger in them can be as superficial as all their passions. He does not like changes and is not interested in leaving home. He enjoys life in the countryside or the town more than in the big city, and he will choose a commercial career before other professions. He can become a good lawyer or jurist, although not as good as Gemini when it comes to controversial parts of the law, but he is great when it comes to legal areas that are essentially a specialization of business – e.g. transfer of ownership or property, mortgage agreements and the like. He is a reliable advisor in investing funds, and their advice on any matter is cunning, provided it does not relate to considerations that are deeper than the obvious facts.

In love, Virgo is an unbearable partner for temperamental people. She is neither passionate nor overly gentle. The narcissus, which is associated with this sign, is a great symbol. He is cold because he is turned only to himself; he has no idea what could be the deepest secret of love. However, Virgo despises the idea of ​​self-surrender. They don’t care too much about conquests, so they don’t manage to arouse enthusiasm in themselves or others. Therefore, in a way, we can say that they are incapable of love. Paradoxically, this quality makes him very popular in a large class community that likes to turn into love. Still, Virgos are great partners for marriage or business; they diligently devote themselves to small comforts and conveniences. Even though there are flirtations, they are very mild, never serious enough to threaten the peace of home. When it comes to children, it’s hard to find a better parent; Virgos are very dedicated to every detail of their child’s well-being.

In public affairs, Virgo can be an excellent secretary. He can suggest useful improvements in any organization, and their caution and activity can prove very useful to those minds who, in large projects, tend to lose sight of all the very important little things. This native is a person of trust and diligence in all matters, whether public or private.

Bearing in mind that Mercury is cold-blooded and indifferent, there is still a factor that distinguishes Virgo from Gemini and makes it less dangerous – and that is the earthiness of this sign, so it is more stable and practical than its airy brother. Therefore, there is a certain conservatism in Virgo. Mental activity is less obsessive – or simply put, Virgo has an anchor. He is not obsessed with ideas like Gemini, but even that great practicality of Virgo can sometimes turn into greed.

There is no subconscious aversion to crime. Suicide is common with this sign.

 Virgo friendships are often intimate and lasting, but they often exist out of mutual interest, most often on an intellectual level. Such friendships are easily broken by differences of opinion, because the native is extremely jealous and sensitive to interference, and suspects it even in situations where the danger is quite imaginary.