Ascendant Taurus

From 20.4. to 21.5.

All fixed signs represent the maximum power of the element to which they belong. It is not that fresh rush of youth or the fading fire of the year, but the power of maturity at its zenith. There is energy to begin and there is energy to continue and finish. All fixed signs possess that great quality of durability.

Although Taurus is the least active of all the elements, and although its planetary influences are passive Venus and the Moon, the fixed nature of the sign is strong enough to have a very positive effect on their character. For example, the earthly qualities of Taurus make it’s native intensely conservative, but it is not that conservatism of idleness or laziness in pleasure, but it is a positive conviction that things are as they are and should not be changed. The sign Taurus is therefore always on the alert when it comes to influences that encourage the so-called reforms.

Their mental attitude is similar to that of landlords or farmers in older civilizations who, feeling that things have gone pretty well for centuries, are determined to resist radical changes, fearing that even a desirable reform could be the beginning of a destructive series. For this reason, the Taurus rising is often considered stupid, especially by Gemini, who sees nothing but pure logic in all situations.

The degraded type of Taurus is extremely lazy, sensual, and prone to self-indulgence. The tendency that the Taurus ascendant possesses towards intemperance in food is also connected with the fact that Taurus rules the throat zone in the human body. Even the sensual outbursts that are sometimes characteristic of the lower type of this sign are most often the result of too much eating and drinking. With the more aggressive type, the situation is quite different. He likes to work for his taste. He rejoices in conquests, and his other pleasures are of lesser importance. People of this type are therefore very good workers because once they are interested, nothing can scare them or distract them from their goals. Obstacles only encourage them to take extra action. This makes them good servants or employees.

However, the big problem with the Taurus sign is getting started. Neither the planets nor the element or character of the sign give them anything of the initiative. They should always be trained and shown exactly what to do and they can continue like that forever. Loyalty and fidelity are extremely characteristic of Taurus. Their devotion is almost similar to a dog’s dedication to its owner.

These people are also very constructive, but extremely careful. They always take care that some superstructure, no matter how elegant, does not disturb the building or the grounds on which it is placed. Their main interest is the stability of the foundation. They have a good sense of beauty but do not care much for the decoration itself without the foundation of usefulness. Their aspirations are strong, but they insist on gradual progress, never jumping the ladder. They never gamble, they are satisfied with their work and to reap the results of the same when the time comes, and it is very rare that a disaster completely throws them out of focus. When their life’s work is almost destroyed, they continue peacefully, almost as if nothing had happened, so this kind of behavior is very often rewarded with ultimate success. In this way, Taurus deserves the respect of those who naturally tend to despise their stupidity.

When it comes to money, Taurus is confidential and honest. They are not wasteful, but more of what we would call a reasonable, conservative financier.

In the management of household chores, all these characteristics are of special constructive importance. He is often useless in dealing with vulgar and immoral intrigues that are often referred to as diplomacy, whether in business or politics. There is no special gift of speech or writing. He finds it difficult to express himself, although he feels things very strongly.

He is very dedicated to home, the place where he was born, which is another proof of his generally conservative nature. His home life should be peaceful, and generally speaking, happy; for, indeed, he is an ideal marital partner, since he is much more inclined to a conventional sexual life than to some other behavior, and his children are very dear to him.

People with Taurus rising are very faithful and good-natured in friendships. He is patient and knows how to control himself, but if you stab him, he can reach the limit when he will shoot most violently and dangerously. He acts so lovelily and fine, that it seems impossible to make him angry. Reckless people often count on these qualities and exhaust them to the extreme, so they often find themselves blown away by his anger, which always seems irrational to them at a given moment.