Ascendant Scorpio

From 24.10. to 22.11.

The strength of will of this native is so strong that it can almost embarrass other signs. However, they lack the flexibility and tact of Libra. Scorpio always goes directly to the center. He never compromises, he never goes around, and he never gives up. These features are quite appropriate, bearing in mind that it is a fixed water sign, so it is often seen as an unstoppable river. The sign is very selfish, much more so than Capricorn. An undeveloped Scorpio is a slave to his own Will. He is impatient and insists on his perspective and purpose even when he sees that doing so leads him to self-destruction. In assessing an individual horoscope, it is very important here to assess the positions and aspects of the benefits, since there is no sign in the Zodiac more capable of a wider distinction between higher and lower types. If the expansive and altruistic side of Scorpio is well supported, we can see that this vast Will is focused on honorable goals. But, if selfish and narrowed influences are more dominant, we will most likely meet the greatest scoundrel, capable of all kinds of lows.

The mind of Scorpio is very critical and skeptical. He seeks the truth with fearless and unstoppable energy, but the lower types never reach the point of appropriate reward. One of the symbols of this sign is stagnant and rotten water, that ancient adept interpreted as poisonous water.

The skeptical attitude seems to be more motivated by personal dissatisfaction than anything else. For example, a child born with this sign rising will not question the religious or social views that surround him if he agrees with them, but if his parents insist on accepting and adapting to ideas that are disgusting to him, he will jump like a snake and attack. He won’t waste time breaking through like Taurus, nor will he devise plans to avoid them, like Libra. Nothing will satisfy him like the destruction of what bothers him and gets in the way. Also, their nature is vengeful. He will ruthlessly destroy his health to satisfy his feeling of hatred towards the tried control; moreover, it will become one of the dominant motives in his life. Dissatisfied with destroying himself, he will not leave any stone unturned to destroy others, and very often he will do all this with absolute faith, and even with the conviction that it is the noblest and most sacrificial act of altruism. A certain existing principle has hurt him, and that principle must disappear. It is very rare for him to make radical changes in his attitude throughout his life. If that happens, it turns out that it wasn’t his views in any deeper sense, but he only saw some personal benefit in going back to the old days. We see this quality of mind in the example of Judas, to whom Scorpio is symbolically attributed among the apostles.

The rigidity of the mind, and its inability to weigh things, gives an interesting result. Scorpio can hold two opinions that, say, Libra, would consider the opposite, and he will hold on to both with equal persistence. Furthermore, Scorpio has an almost superhuman capacity in dealing with facts. This native never withdraws from the investigation of something, no matter how uncomfortable that is. On the contrary, he believes that this is the best way to examine the subject, to delve into the greatest depths. We see many doctors born in this sign, especially surgeons. Scorpio is also very prominent in the horoscopes of the greatest investigators. In his research, Scorpio gives unlimited patience and spends a lot of energy overcoming obstacles. His efforts suffer the most from the destructive tendencies of this method. One of the main dangers of this temperament is deep concentration on the object, and the inability to stop, to rest. 

This sign is, as a rule, very contemptuous of emotions in any form. Scorpio does not spare himself from pain, so he does not care about the sensitivity of others. He expects everyone to be as strong as he is. He is a dangerous collaborator because his magnetism is so strong that those who work with him are imperceptibly attracted to imitate his enthusiasm, so they will likely lead themselves to excessive effort and fall.

With its limitations, Scorpio is an excellent master of the organization. He is extremely detailed in his preparations, and his power of foresight is great. 

In terms of money, Scorpio is so sure that he will be able to turn everything around. Therefore, only with higher types can complete honesty in finances be expected, although even then there is a tendency towards excessive self-confidence in one’s assessment of what is fair when it comes to the rights of others.

The love of power is strongly emphasized in these types. There is a huge personal magnetism even in the “worst examples”, and in one way or another Scorpio manages to find itself as a ringleader. Here, too, the ability to self-destruct comes into play. Native has no tact at all. He will say what he thinks even when she wants to appease the man he is talking to, and he knows he will offend him. The result is that the native end up insulting everyone around him. However, people are strongly attracted to his appearance, but then equally rejected. Achieving in this world depends a lot on the goodwill of the people you come in contact with, while Scorpio almost always misses the opportunity to take advantage in this direction. He gets along well when he is independent.

Scorpio has as much courage as energy, but this quality often degenerates into madness or cruelty.

From all that has been said, we can also assess how Scorpio behaves at home. As long as things go his way, everything is fine; resist him, and may God help you. There is no indication that the native is prone to leaving home early in life. There is no natural tendency to test the unknown. As long as he sees his benefit in staying anywhere, he will stay there. Their vision sometimes doesn’t go beyond that small circle, and all they can do is make themselves the engine that drives everything. So often we get the type of housewife who rules the household with an iron rod. She always manages to be right and is very sad when her lukewarm husband opposes her or, more often, when he leaves her.

In love, Scorpio is of course the most passionate type, but this passion is almost always selfish. Lower types tend to be rude and bestial, along with many other types of self-indulgence, such as drinking and overeating. He is very jealous and tyrannical, easily offended, and when he is offended, he becomes vindictive. If he forgives, likely, this is not real forgiveness; rather it will be that his passion is so strong that he cannot do without his chosen object.

Scorpio is also prone to criminal passions and inclinations and abuses of “unwritten law”. It would hardly be an exaggeration to say that whenever we have some crime out of passion, insane jealousy, and a total lack of balance, Scorpio will be prominent in the protagonist’s horoscope.

Sexual excesses of various kinds, and especially some gross ones, are often found in people born with this sign because the idea is not to deny yourself any possibility of increasing pleasure.

As for children, Scorpio isn’t the parent of the year. It is practically impossible for him to see children’s attitudes and views or to allow the development of their natural character. He is difficult enough in dealing with people who are strong enough to oppose him, and towards an unprotected child, he can become truly cruel. Very often he can express passionate commitment, and it can be sincere, but everything must be as he wants. In marriage, this native is usually a tyrant and arrogant. He should not marry if an active or malefic planet is in the seventh house or aspect with its ruler. His only chance to find tolerable conditions is to meet a partner who is flexible, obedient, and patient.

Everything that has been said about Scorpio’s relations with other people also refers to friendship and business contacts. Friendship with Scorpio can be maintained only if there is a certain distance because as soon as intimacy is established, the danger of a breakup becomes imminent. It is similar in business, there is no harmonious cooperation with a Scorpio. People who naturally imitate strong personalities, who like to rely on others, who enjoy being ordered because it frees them from responsibility, can prove to be the best partners for Scorpios. 

The subconscious mind of Scorpio has a very wide range. The soul of Scorpio can be emphatically noble or rather low, but in any case, it is rarely in conflict with the conscious mind.