Ascendent Sagittarius

From 22.11. to 21.12.

Since this sign is ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius possesses an expansive and altruistic temperament and is sometimes called a prophetic sign, as the objective and subjective minds work harmoniously under its vibrations. Consequently, his fire is completely different from other signs of fire triplicity, ie it is not as conquering as Aries or royalty as Leo, but still combines both in a very specific way.

Sagittarius is a born idealist; he is a young man who has visions and an old man who dreams. However, his idealism is not impractical, since he can predict the outcome of the transaction from the very beginning. Honest, open-hearted, and always consistent with the truth and intolerant of those who are not, Sagittarius is a child of nature whose two sides are constantly manifested in different moods, because he is brave, restless, and ready for challenges, but also sensitive and prone to withdrawal. He is direct in his speech and despises “insulting” others; nothing angers him like hypocrisy, but his rage is short-lived and never colored by malice; he will often leave his positions to avoid quarrels, but it can also very rigidly defend when it comes to the actual principle. Small things are more likely to throw him out of tact than serious difficulties, but he avoids them with a little foresight and diplomacy – qualities by which Sagittarius is recognizable. With his pure idealism, he clarifies every issue and finds joy in living an honest life while sincerely trying to reduce his problems to the simplest details. An unusual level of mental activity is one of the most striking features of the sign; the agility and directness of his bodily movements are translated into the activity of his mind so that his conclusions often hit the target as quickly and accurately as an arrow, which is also a symbol of a sign. The general temperament of the sign is calm, lively, and joyful, and people born under it retain a certain youth well into old age; so they never look as old as the years tell them. In addition, some are slow to develop, not reaching full potential until middle or later life.

We have already emphasized his exceptional mental activity, as well as his insatiable curiosity more typical to air triplicity, and especially Gemini, but also the inexhaustible energy with which he solves all problems, finding joy in getting to the heart of the problem and reducing it to the simplest details. Therefore, under favorable circumstances, Sagittarius can be an excellent teacher, usually following Socrates’ method of teaching by examination. That is why he is more suitable as a teacher to older students who can answer him smartly and who are open to discussion. The legal profession is a great field for his talents, although he has a good chance of succeeding in journalism and often in literature. Yet the teaching of religion or philosophy seems to fit him best.

In conversation, Sagittarius is open to discussion, enjoys “crossing swords” with a good interlocutor, and can be a skilled dialectician. He seems to have an intuitive knowledge of his opponent’s weak points and enjoys exchanging ingenious tricks. In average cases, there is a tendency towards discursive speech, with frequent insertions of unnecessary details, but still full of humor. In writing, they are naturally more inclined to forms of dialogue in literary expression, and quite often in dramatic compositions.

As for money, if there are no bad planetary constraints, Sagittarius is usually well supplied with money. His ability to act directly and efficiently is very important when it comes to many financial matters, which makes it much easier. In business, Sagittarius has a good chance of succeeding either alone or in partnership, best in some commercial areas. However, he does not do well in jobs that require small details, so clerical jobs are unsuitable. Sagittarius seems to be the best at political waters, thanks to his self-confidence and clarity of vision.

One of the two biggest shortcomings of Sagittarius is a certain impatience and speed that often encourages premature action. He can often be so impatient to reap the fruit that he cannot wait for them to be ready. Therefore, they should work on patience.

 Another general characteristic – which can be especially unpleasant – is that in the desire to satisfy, Sagittarius can often make promises that he later forgets. Sometimes we may wonder for a reason if he ever intends to keep a promise.

Sagittarius is especially enthusiastic about the opportunity to be outdoors and loves all kinds of sports and outdoor activities, so he develops an open and truly democratic impulse that makes him willing to twin with different strains of people. These people are often very interested in social reform projects and in improving the position of the working class. In such jobs, they are extremely practical, because their theories are based on patient research of real conditions, while their views are too clear to be drawn into some kind of radicalism.

From all the above, it is very evident that Sagittarius possesses qualities that are especially desirable in friendships because they are impulsive and quick to get in touch with those who interest them. As their interest is primarily stimulated by mental qualities, so there is a solid basis for building lasting intimacy, and they are very loyal to those to whom they are attached.

The same open sincerity and honesty that make their friendships true are the principles that Sagittarius adheres to in his love life. Yet here, although there is true attachment, this often does not prove to be sufficient. If the native of this sign succeeds in finding a woman who truly understands him enough to love and trust him, his nature will expand to the highest heights, and he will become a devoted husband; but the great danger is that the average woman will not quite understand his spirit. Likewise, he often employs reason in “choosing” a woman. His impulsive and direct nature will enable him to easily start a friendship with a woman, and then enter into a relationship, and, likely, he won’t be able to meet the needs of his partner. Sagittarius is not able to lie in front of the altar, so broken engagements are not uncommon with this guy. This sign also creates the largest number of bachelors, largely due to the caution and wisdom innate to his character. This is unfortunate because emotional development is the most necessary element of the nature of Sagittarius.

 In marriage, Sagittarius cannot tolerate the limitations of jealousy. In undeveloped types, these qualities are often expressed in a cynical attitude towards marriage; both sexes tend to become selfish and ruthless, and although they rarely allow their emotions to drag them into real affairs, their unconventional disregard for public judgment can often lead to scandal. However, he is less dedicated to family life, so they are often separated from relatives and the household. 

When it comes to religion, Sagittarius is often skeptical, because of his active mind, and an innate desire to explore and explain faith. Whenever he is presented with religious teachings that can not withstand such analysis, he can’t avoid criticizing their shortcomings. Yet no sign under Jupiter’s rule can be non-religious, and his sense of due harmony often contributes to holding firm orthodox views. Indeed, Sagittarius is often an excellent priest, much more interested in the practical Christianity of caring for his parish than in the consistent application of the “Scriptures.”



Finally, we can say that the character and work of the greatest ancient philosopher, Socrates, summarizes the best development of the character of Sagittarius while illustrating many features and even weaknesses of the sign. His method of teaching by the method of conversational examination, leading his students to prove the truth of their postulates through clever cross-examination; his mental activity and democratic freedom of association with people of different status; his defiance of public attitude and his uncompromising attitude towards the State; his utter indifference to domestic life, his separation from family ties, and his theories of marriage, as well as the genius that made him a welcome companion and friend outside the home; and the hopeless inadequacy of his marriage, are truly exemplary features of this sign.