Ascendant Pisces

From 20.2. to 20.3.

These people are natural seekers with a lack of concentration and direction. They are physically tireless and mentally careless. Venus is exalted in this sign, and the Moon also seems to have a strong influence on these people. And indeed, this sign seems to be the most feminine and most receptive of all the zodiac signs. Pisces is the weakest sign in their reaction to material and mental affairs. This is one of those so-called “Double signs” in which we often encounter a division of interests. In really weak cases, this almost leads to the negation of any moral character.

In general, a native with Pisces rising receives almost all the impressions that come to it. And not only does he reflect them like a mirror, but also absorbs them like a sponge. It can be said that their subconscious mind, which is typical of Neptunian nature, does not seem to have a concept of everyday, mundane morality. For them, the truth is only what they feel at a given moment. This is also the case with other water signs, especially with their “weaker” representatives. An underdeveloped type of Pisces would hardly go far in explaining his moral shortcomings, he would simply not realize that there is anything wrong there.

 They are so influential that they react immediately to any impression; they cannot be independent. This sensitivity encompasses all plans. It does not seem to have the ability to discriminate, it cannot resist any set of ideas.

However, such adaptability to circumstances is the best guarantee of their survival. Therefore, there is nothing special to expect from this sign, a priori. We will find that he is much better in those areas of the horoscope that relate to the people he comes in contact with. For example, Edgar Allan Poe received the highest support and help from friends, which is very clearly shown by the exact conjunction of his Sun and Mercury in the 11th house, in the sign of Capricorn.

However, contrary to these general characteristics of that external image, Pisces possesses something much deeper, something mysterious and sublime. The true soul of this sign lies in that secret place of reflection, which never manifests on the outside. We would go too far to say that the native is a natural poet or mystic, but in his sensitivity and inner silence, he possesses the passive half of a genius. There is always the possibility that something creative will arise from him when there are active or creative principles at work in an individual. However, the shape that such a genius will take still depends on the environment.

The more developed types have almost divine power to separate the subtle from the raw, using only the latter. Nature itself acts like plastic in his hands. We can see this clearly in the example of Luther Burbank, in whose hands even living things changed their nature as if they were under the influence of magicians.

Pisces seems to have an intimate understanding of the spiritual forces at work in any phenomenon. This super-subtlety can often prove to be dangerous. He is too inclined to substitute a shadow for an actual image. He confuses material and spiritual plans too easily. He has no rational idea of ​​the cause-and-effect relationship and this can lead him to absurd superstitions. Pisces always act based on impression and experience, rather than rational judgment. He admires the idea that he is in harmony with the subtle worlds, and if he is not sufficiently developed, he has no power to distinguish the world of real higher spheres from that world of dreams, glamor, and illusions.

Another item associated with this extreme sensitivity that is inherent in Pisces is their excessive reaction to those physical impulses that can hardly disturb the minds of stronger types of people. Alcohol is especially dangerous for the types of this sign, and the temptation to try more subtle and harder drugs is even more prominent. The current influence is very bad, throwing the native out of balance, and the power of temptation is such that it leads to regular indulgence in them, all the way to exaggeration. Drugs extract from him exactly what he is, by his nature, only he is not too prone to it without their action. They take him to more subtle worlds, which can be extremely dangerous when created in such an artificial way.

When it comes to money, Pisces can be extremely carefree, and there is a good chance that he will throw himself into spending without any rational assessment. It can’t be said that he can’t be entrusted with other people’s financial affairs, but he’s certainly unreliable. He is honest, but not in a wise way. He helps others without judging what might be helpful in general, so while their mercy currently satisfies the recipient, it often doesn’t help him get out of trouble permanently.

The native with Pisces at Asc, being essentially lazy, is one of the “most domesticated” people you can come across. He doesn’t help much in the house, but he is often very kind, so he easily becomes a favorite of the family. He has a great ability to make people around him happy. He will never leave home on his initiative, because the circumstances that lead other people to such decisions, such as ambition, do not affect him at all. He lacks ambition and is happy where he is.

In love, he is extremely likable. The devotion he shows surpasses even that of Taurus, but he is much quieter and calmer in character. There is little tendency for some infidelity of the active type, but on the other hand, it is hard to believe in any resistance if some new person appears who admires and attracts him. Both men and women of this sign seek constant attention, especially women.

 Women with this sign rising are usually very fertile. Both fathers and mothers are devoted to their children, but they are too lenient to be good parents. In marriage, Pisces women are ideal wives from an oriental point of view. The harem woman very accurately describes the sensual nature of enjoying emotions in her laziness, her commitment to the “sweet side” of life, and her kind response to a passionate call. Such a disposition is not very desirable in countries where a woman is not kept under lock and key, because if the underdeveloped type of Pisces woman is entirely left to herself, her natural sensuality will come out. In more developed types, these tendencies are manifested through commitment and loyalty, but still with a hint of laziness and sweetness. When it comes to men, he will be very devoted and will pamper his wife, but he will not be of any use when it comes to practical duties in the house. Comfort is most important to him, but he will not be particularly active in providing it. He is the worst kind of husband for active women.

When it comes to public affairs, Pisces will be hopeless if they are ever entrusted with such things, which rarely happens.

The subconscious mind is the best part of the mind of this native, so it can be said that it governs the lives of these persons. The world we see and touch is not the real world for him. However, there is almost nothing in his temperament that would enable him to connect his subconscious mind with the conscious, so his extraordinary abilities do not bring him any benefits because he naturally does not have the gift of action. However, if he is assisted by harmonious partners, whether in business or public affairs, his insights and intuition can give him great power “behind the scenes”.

Pisces can achieve fame in science due to their understanding of subtle forces. For the same reason, it can prove to be extraordinary in philosophy as well. He can make discoveries. In religion, he can be a very devoted mystic; he is often very gifted with clairvoyance. Less developed types will be conventionally and sentimentally religious. Even when it comes to mysticism, it is unbalanced; there is no intellectual background, no idea of ​​maintaining mental balance through corrective skepticism.

In his friendships, this native is extremely warm, sometimes even to the point of discomfort. Most people prefer friendships such as offensive or defensive alliances. Pisces is trying to make romances out of them. However, there is no better guy to dine with and go to the blues. He understands the art of entertainment very well, and his pursuit of completeness does not allow him to forget any ingredient of any pleasure.