Ascendant Libra

From 23.9. to 22.10.

Libra is a sign of Venus ‘domicile, Saturn’s exaltation, Sun’s fall, and Mars’ exile, so we get useful symbolic hints about the personality traits of the native in whose natal chart Libra is prominent. In the Saturnian type, the kindness and sociability are only apparent, but they are always, not a mask over a passionate face, but a gentleness that allows a sharp spear to break through with the least resistance. Libra realizes that raw honesty is the worst option in carrying out one’s secret purpose. One of their greatest assets of Libra is the power to weigh everything accurately, and she never tries to use force without considering equilibrium first. Libra never acts unless all conditions are right. However, Libra is the most effective of all the signs of the zodiac because she acts unchanged according to the laws of nature. She never tries to drag herself into stuff she has no place in, although she can do the opposite to others. She calculated all the options, and as things go on, everyone will learn that her goal was always peace.

In cases where the active elements of the horoscope are in weak and passive signs, where there is no driving force, this righteous temperament can lead to inactivity. Libra thus spends all her time balancing, postponing action for tomorrow that never comes. Some of the most ineffective human beings were born with this sign rising. The mind is so precisely tuned that no thought comes unless the opposite thought is suggested to it. This quality makes Libra have an extremely broad mind and universal tolerance without prejudice. Only the most active types can summarize everything and formulate a plan – which combines the highest range of possible elements that are in harmony with personal purpose – and implement it. 

Another thing about Libra, apart from the commitment to balance and harmony, is the commitment to beauty. These people are especially disturbed by ugliness and clutter. He is very sensitive; a disorder such as war brings him the highest possible agony of spirit. He finds solace in one thing. He tells himself that the previous civilization was awful, that it is the creator of misery, so to rebuild and change, everything must be destroyed so it could be rebuilt again. His final judgment is that war is a necessary spiritual preparation for the establishment of a new era that will be built on the true foundations of beauty. In a word, just as the storm is the result of the accumulation of unbearable potential, so the deformation, commercial and political, caused by overpopulation, was emptied through the war. This argument is very characteristic of people with the Libra rising.

Libra is the most trusted person for the reason that he never allows personal attitudes to interfere with abstract ideals. If he sins, it will be because he likes it, and he will not look for excuses. He will never deceive himself by mixing action related to the body with a thought appropriate to the mind. If he is a carnivore, no argument about the sanctity of a cow will stop him from eating a steak. In other words, he allows each part of his being to act according to its nature.

When it comes to money, Libra is too broad-minded to consider any factor in the problem as important, and the airiness of the sign is contrary to the earthliness of money. However, his mathematical abilities are great, and when he is forced to deal with financial issues, he is surprisingly precise.

This native has also a special power of charm in speech and writing. He is gentle, subtle, and convincing, and manages to push his plan under a great cloak of justice. This guy is just hypocritical, but Libra instinctively feels that everything is allowed in love and war and that the goal justifies the means. These people are prone to dangerous controversies. 

Libra gets along well at home thanks to its charm and manners and ability to do things subtly without even noticing it. However, he is not particularly attached to the home, and although a breakup with the family is rare, he does not have a sense of belonging like Taurus or Cancer.

In love, Libra is perhaps the most interesting temperament of the Zodiac. As a cardinal air sign, Libra is decisively masculine, and as the house of Venus, at the same time feminine. As a rule, he is very highly developed in terms of sex, which is considered to be caused by this mixture of genders. Given all this, it is often the case that we find Libra as an expert in all matters of love. He instinctively understands the nature of other human beings, and his adaptability is such that he approaches others effortlessly. He especially enjoys this, due to his instinctive desire to rule others. In some planetary combinations, homosexuality is common. Libra of this type is often very lustful but at the same time refined to the highest point. Even when there is a lot of sensuality, there is no vulgarity at all. He does not consider love a matter of appetite but art. Furthermore, it is true that these people, though extremely passionate, are not very capable of love within the limits set by definitions in romantic literature. These people rarely “live happily ever after” because the idea of ​​lifelong fidelity is not very close to them. Moreover, in marriage, these people are not as happy as in conditions of greater freedom and less responsibility. 

Libra likes children and enjoys playing with them. He will treat them justly, with kindness and tenderness, understanding their nature, and will never tyrannize them. He will not spoil them, and he is quite able to predict their possible career and carefully prepare them for them. It is very easy to take the position that this is the best parent a child can have.

Libra is capable to endure enormous difficulties to achieve a certain result, but even if he fails, he has almost the same mental satisfaction, analyzing the forces that influenced such an outcome His failure is just another factor in the problem, and very often he will start all over again, and he will succeed thanks to a previous failure in a way that he would not have managed at first. When it comes to working, they have a conservative and common-sense attitude, but which in no way has prejudice towards new ideas. His judgment is cunning and his tactics ingenious, but we rarely find him enterprising. He doesn’t care about competition, his mind can’t just focus on the race for money.

Some types can be superficial and easily accept other people’s ideas. Yet when the sign is in good dignity, we encounter the meticulousness of evaluation, the power of evaluating evidence, and the ability to reconcile seemingly incompatible things, which are extremely important for further progress.