Ascendant Leo

From 22.7. to 22.8.

Leo’s character is brave and confident. Many other types spontaneously respect or fear him, and this brings him a large number of enemies due to their instinctive envy. As a rule, they almost do not have as much capacity for constant effort as Taurus. They do not master climbs so well and are more vulnerable. Their pride makes it difficult for them to fight; they would fight only with knightly weapons. They don’t like details. His nature is extremely noble; despises all that is mediocre, mundane and in conflicts where these qualities are essential to success, he is very likely to lose. Furthermore, they values ​​fame more than material benefits.

Leo always strives for the ideal, which is similar to Sagittarius. He is slow in understanding the basics and imagines that if he bases his arguments on the great principles of justice and humanity, success is inevitable. He does not realize at all that most people decide on issues by assessing material benefits. On the other hand, he expects issues to be studied from all angles, with a view to the past and the future, while most people only estimate current costs. Leo also errs in his honesty and faith in others. In part, his pride contributes to his view that deception is impossible. He not only speaks the truth but acts directly and honestly without evasion or concealment. He is the easiest to deceive, and even when he discovers betrayal, he is too noble to take revenge. “Father, forgive them for they know not what they do” is a typical motto for them.

Leo suffers quite strongly and at the same time is very compassionate with others. The idea of ​​revenge or punishment is pretty alien to his nature. He prefers mercy to justice. He clearly understands that a mistake, in any area, must give the appropriate result, but he would regret it, and almost certainly refuse to further aggravate the situation by deliberately imposing a penalty.

In a way, Leos are prone to anger and excessive pride, and vanity. His tendency toward expansion is his greatest danger. In extreme cases, megalomania is not uncommon. Unrestrained Leo means arrogance, but despite his extraordinary self-confidence, when resistance is effective, he can suddenly find himself without means. At that moment, he will remember his tragic fate, and turn back, determined to die fighting.

Feeling royal, Leo is very inclined to view everything that others give him as his natural right. He constantly complains about the ingratitude and disloyalty of others who do not immediately act as he demands and expects from them. Did he not bless them with his priceless smile? He accepts flattery and feels offended when it is considered insincere. It is so obvious to him that these statements are true that he cannot believe that the person making them is not equally honest. He will admit that this person may praise him because he expects something from him, but that is also fine; isn’t he the distributor of all services? It is right that his subordinates expect his reward.

When it comes to money, Leo is generous and expects the same in return; he cannot comprehend any form of pettiness. When he thinks of money, he thinks of the round and large numbers. He enjoys having it, and acknowledges its usefulness, especially for some of the more important things in life.

Leos are very eloquent in both speech and writing. They address directly and openly, and always more to the heart than to the mind. They tell the truth but tend to exaggerate and show a tendency towards dangerous optimism.

Leo gets along well with his family, almost as a rule. Of course, he strives to be in the center here as well, so his family should revolve around him because no matter how modest his life is, he makes himself a king. The desire for flattery can be overemphasized, so when he feels denied in that respect, he may turn into a tyrant at home. They expect everything to be done for them, not because of laziness, but because of the desire to exercise their rights the way they see them.

„Leo rising, gives great head and eyes, quick sight, a large, lusty, strong body; full of metal, courageous, stout-hearted; thick, broad shoulders, yellowish or flaxen hair; a big great voice, resolute spirit, aspiring brain, of a generous, free-hearted, and courteous disposition.

 “Nicholas Kalpeper – Opus Astrologicum”

In matters of love, Leo is noble and quite conventional. When accepted, he is both lazy and strict. He tends to pamper his partner and feels ridiculously wounded when he finds himself neglected. The quality of his love is what poets mean by love, it is romantic and somehow chivalrous. It can very easily degenerate into sentimentality. It is almost impossible for Leo to keep his resentment for long. Furthermore, Leos love danger and adventure because it seems to them that they ennoble passion. He has a certain power in maintaining illusions, even after he discovers them. His faith in the ideal leads him to overlook the shortcomings of his partner. This is also vanity.

Leo rules not only the physical heart but also the nature of love. Therefore, these people must normally express their emotions, because they are very dependent on attention. The desire for praise and acceptance can turn into an over-emphasized Ego. So it would be good to remember the old saying that “he who has true authority seldom shows it.”

Leos do not have the sense to coordinate their jobs, so they are in danger of “killing themselves from work”. When they are full of enthusiasm, they do not allow themselves any rest, which approach is similar to Aries. They understand the joy of living fully. “Short and happy life” is much closer to them than a long and sad, they feel desperate only when they feel that time is wasted.

When it comes to marriage, everything said about love applies. He is very inclined to see a certain sacramentality of marriage. He is very loyal to his idea of ​​vows. His word, his honor, is the holiest word for him. If he vowed to “love, nurture, and protect” his wife until his death, he will keep that vow. When divorce is almost inevitable for some reason, he is ready to sacrifice his moral and material interests to feel that he has fulfilled his vow.

Complacency is very characteristic of Leos, and the pleasure he feels thinking about his generosity keeps him alive.