Ascendant Gemini

From 21.5. to 22.6.

The Gemini rising denotes man as a kind of mechanism. He can do any job careless of what it is, so he is often immoral; more precisely, he can apply the same amount of ingenuity in fighting disease or planning a murder. Therefore, Gemini needs the right direction, because if the mind is not occupied with useful things, he will focus on those that are harmful and useless. Moral education is therefore extremely important to people with this rising sign. To be clear, their mind is not evil in itself, but in temptation, it would be very important if there are some principles in it to deter it from wrongdoing.

The childhood of Gemini is very characteristic of their mind, which is further shown through their dual nature. The readiness of Gemini to work on any material without much thought whether it is good or bad is always with these people. Whatever they are given to do, their mind processes it logically and precisely and comes to a conclusion and presents it with extreme confidence that he has done a great thing. Since the logical mind in its pure form is extremely rare, other people are often shocked by the coldness, rigidity, and formality with which it presents things, which is especially repulsive to “warmer signs”, even if they agree with the conclusions.

Their mind has a special ability to combine, to see the relationships between different things and thus show results that look completely original; but what they essentially do is nothing but combine and develop them — but never create.

Furthermore, they have a natural tendency to waste intellectual energy on a variety of topics. Most of them even try to walk in two directions at the same time. There is no beginning or end for any preoccupation of the average Gemini mind. Unless education has been so detailed as to give birth to a real love of intellectual research, the mind is simply wasted, so what should be the thirst for knowledge, that we find in Sagittarius, is nothing more than a need for something new and excitement of various kinds.

Exceptional freedom of thought and speech is characteristic of this sign. Paradoxically, Gemini is so busy thinking that they never stop thinking. Nervous sensitivity does not necessarily imply illness – because, for example, it does not get annoyed as easily as Aries – but his extraordinary sensory abilities, which act as a perfect alarm network, warn him of the danger that, for example, Taurus would be entirely unconscious. Here we can think that this constant activity and caution will eventually wear him down, but Gemini is very resilient. Their power to resist pressure or to overcome obstacles is not great, but they notice these difficulties very early and can avoid them. Their senses are very sharp, so really heavy afflictions of the Moon are needed to prevent this natural tendency from manifesting. Therefore, there is the possibility of significant progress in all fields that primarily depend on delicate and precise feelings, so these people would make exceptional music critics. 

When it comes to money, Gemini is not always reliable. In highly developed types, Mercurian influences will give the ability to acquire money by various machinations. In speech and correspondence, Gemini is a very eloquent and clear logician. They have a certain tendency towards diffusion and repetition, and they do not always keep clear points, nor are they particularly honest in their arguments.

Very often, Gemini is superficial and shallow. They understand very little that the mind has much more power than that of pure reason, and that these other powers are based on fundamental principles that are quite opposed to reason.

Family life is not very close to Gemini, but it is not repulsive to them either. He lives in a domestic circle without being overly touched by the intensity of attachment or revolt. This is also the case when it comes to his relationships with people, which he sees as factors in his problems. He has no particular inclination toward travel, but he will likely do so as soon as the opportunity arises. He accepts all the facts of life as easily so he appears careless about where he will end. Once he’s gone home, he won’t particularly crave to go back.

As far as love is concerned, there is a tendency towards superficiality, in all relationships. He may not understand it at all. As for marriage, it can be said that Gemini is a friendly and useful partner. No major problems should be expected, except in the case of more severe planetary aspects; minor irritations may come to the surface from time to time, but one should not expect any more serious reason to disagree in the household. Those who are married to a person born with this sign rising can be extremely unhappy, especially Taurus, Leo, or Cancer, who are very demanding of their partners, because Gemini is incapable of surrendering. Moreover, when Gemini loves, he loves diversity; he flirts, and if taken too seriously, there will be no luck. It is a big mistake to be angry with people of this type.