Ascendant Capricorn

From 22.12. to 20.1.

Capricorn is very conservative, which is a general characteristic of the earth element. It works within the framework, so even though he is constantly in action, he rarely jumps out of the beaten track. This idea is that order in the universe is immutable and eternal. He lives in the present, but in many cases, he acts as Cancer who bases his basic ideas on antiquity. Capricorn knows that acquiring every new ability is very difficult, that it is much easier to continue with existing forms than to invent new ones, and that it is much easier to obey authority than to prove some of your own rules.

The energy that Capricorn possesses is enormous, but he will not waste any of it, as the Saturnian influence makes him a stronghold of time. It is much less difficult for him to work within the limits of the environment than to strive to change or overcome it. He is very ambitious. His path is constant climbing, but he does it conventionally. He knows how much clutter and confusion the slightest break in routine creates. He is very meticulous in observing external forms.


 Imagine him in the office. He will not seek promotion at the expense of everyone else. He is a man who is not a minute late in 50 years, who does not make a mistake in the budget even for a cent, and who is always there when he is needed with the information necessary at that moment. He is persistent, and every capacity in him is dedicated to the task he performs. He persistently continues with the set task, he never thinks about the goal itself, he considers the goal a logical consequence of all the previous steps towards it. Sometimes he seems to forget that life is full of opportunities and adventures, so he despises all such coincidences. There is a lack of understanding in his mind for those influences from other planes that give diversity to life. The mind of the average German professor is like this. Such limited worldviews, combined with extreme commitment, are of the greatest benefit to Capricorn in his chosen career. There is no dreamy vision that would distract him, pleasures do not attract him as much as other people. Their rhythm of work seems assigned to them. They do not complain but continue, following their path with incomparable perseverance.

It is rare to come across an imaginative Capricorn. Egocentric and complete in its bed, it never tends to flood its shores, or even to think that those shores exist. One might think that some paths are a priori difficult to follow without the necessary imagination, but this is not the case. Take, for example, Swami Vivekananda, whose chosen path was spirituality, one of the most difficult paths that man can tread. However, despite his incredible learning, despite his extraordinary achievement in the things he set out on, we find little originality in his works. His teachings did not give new insights, he is a perfect classic, but he did not say anything that the seven rishis did not do before him.

The special disadvantage of this sign is that it does not break down obstacles like Taurus, beat them in battle as a Leo, destroy them as Scorpio, or turn them to his advantage like Libra. He just skips them, so this detachment makes him insensitive.

When it comes to money, this native is loyal. This is the best man you can entrust with money for a safe investment; he will take care of it intelligently and carefully; will make a bill up to a cent, and avoid some risk with it. If it is not elevated by the good virtues of the planets, these characteristics can often lead to stinginess. Mazarin is such a clear example. In emergencies when he needed loyalty and devotion more than anything else at the time, he would despise his followers by giving them insignificant rewards, for the tremendous services they had rendered him.

In speech and writing, the nature of this sign is direct, sometimes eloquent, but again there will be no originality in both matter and style. He is very fond of allusions, so he often inserts classic phrases or metaphors in his speech or writing. The style, even when not particularly passionate, is academically perfect.

Capricorn is more domesticated than other signs, born in a family that rarely thinks of leaving her. Whatever rules are in force, he accepts them as the natural order of things and acts within those limits. He may be sharp or insensitive, but he does not tend to break the existing situation.

In love, this native is selfish, not realizing that this feeling must be mutual. He doesn’t even feel real jealousy, he’s not hurt by infidelity. Quite rarely, sexual perversions can be encountered with this sign. Although, when they do exist, they are purely animalistic. With children, he can be arrogant and often tyrannical. He is not consciously cruel, he is just cold and insensitive. The individuality of a child is offensive to him as a parent, so he sets rules that may be in line with justice or good discipline, but they are so rigid that even children with little spirit cannot adapt to them without suffering.

Capricorn is so materialistically oriented that the problems of the subconscious mind bother him little. He always takes life seriously and things as they are, or as they seem at first glance. The sign does not possess the imagination necessary for great scientific discoveries, but this native possesses the quality indispensable for any serious research, and that is the quality of patience. A chemist born with this sign rising can spend half a century working to discover the ingredients of a single compound. If he finds himself in a subordinate position, he is a perfect laboratory assistant. He is unsurpassed whenever attention to detail, tireless perseverance, and rigid accuracy are essential, but once it goes out of style, there is no way to readjust to the situation.