Ascendant Cancer

From 22.06. to 23.07.

As Cancer is a cardinal water sign, it represents the most active or fiery part of water – the quality that makes water a universal solution, which can destroy solids just as much as fire. It cannot be seen as a paradox when it comes to the fiery part of the water; in almost all cases, dissolving a solid body in water releases energy that manifests as heat. When we talk about the active Cancer type, we must not forget that it is water, but we also cannot view this water as passive, easy to shape, resistant, quiet and thoughtful. That kind of manifestation is more immanent to Pisces. When it comes to Cancer, it can be said that there are certain differences between the active and passive types, as we will see.

The vision of these people is very often idealistic. They always think in large units of time and space. There is a strong tendency toward a poetic or romantic worldview. They experience life as a kind of knightly journey. They often regard themselves as a kind of pilgrims or guardians of a grail. Some individuals tend to present themselves as prophets, even if they are not. It can be said that Cancer tends to overlook the practical details of life. Furthermore, this quality often provokes extreme egotism and conceit. As a habit, he glorifies himself or his functions, which often leads to contempt or lack of consideration for others. This flaw should always be taken into account.

Cancer is the most pronounced sign (symbol) of memory, and people born under it live intensively in the past, and have a deep love for everything that represents rest and peace, while in active types these qualities are manifested differently: images of the past are glorified and idealized. Worship of the past tends to falsify the image, and there is little sense of true value and significance. They often ignore everything that does not serve their purpose. Therefore, although they may be dedicated to the history, they are still the worst historians. The effect of a romantic temperament can make them a very inspiring teacher or guide. People like it when things look a little “pinky”.

 Cancer is rarely of strong intellect. He lives too much in feelings and emotions. He can be very spiritually developed, but he rarely frees from ethical implications. He is bound by conventions, not those that are close to him now, but those from the period of history that he admires. Therefore, he is very often superstitious in the true sense of the word.

 They are very sensitive when it comes to emotions. There is a strong tendency towards a kind of martyrdom, so Cancer seems to be enjoying his misfortune. They are also humble towards authority and antiquity and consider it necessary to defend themselves by glorifying their Personality. In addition, he is always ready to look for evidence through analogy or history, but he will never use modern scientific methods.

Depression is the natural antithesis of vanity, so Cancer is prone to periods of extreme depression.

Passive types almost always live by reflection. Conservatism is nearly complete, and there is almost no resistance to change when the necessary impression is found. This type is not imaginative nor prone to romantic illusions as to the active. He replaces these qualities with sentimentality. There is very little depth of feeling; the most tender woman is hardly disturbed by the death of her husband. He accepts the new situation with perfect composure and probably gets married again after a year without much enthusiasm or regret. Things are accepted as they are and how they come about, but this is not due to conscious adaptability to new circumstances, as in Gemini, but out of pure laziness. The easiest way is the only way.

There is very little moral endurance in these people; many prostitutes belong to this type, but it is extremely rare to come across a courtesan when this sign is in its passive form on Asc. They are never truly evil, just as they are never good. They simply accept things without premeditation or plan. They never create, they have no activity. Although they look very hospitable and reliable, they should not be trusted.

In speech and writing, the general characteristics of both types apply. There is a strong tendency to include a sense of antiquity.

Active types tend to marry out of consideration, but are not overly enthusiastic about the idea, feeling it may interfere with their activities. Passive types welcome marriage as security and stay in it with the same feeling. They are not particularly faithful by nature, but they prefer to accept it only not to get disturbed by domestic life.

In the love life, active types are persistent and willing to sacrifice, although due to their kindness and desire to please, these people can be accused of unreliability. The passive type is completely receptive; he is more sensual than passionate. These people adore children but have little patience for them. Unlike popular thought, this is a very bad type of mother. Sure, the child is cared for and pampered, and they tend to spoil them in every way, but as soon as the first mistake that irritates the mother happens, an unreasonable punishment follows.

People born under this sign are often attracted to spiritism and other psychic phenomena. However, there is a great danger that they will go so deep into the other side of the plane that it could endanger their health and earthly success.