Annual Horoscope

Annual Horoscope

The interpretation of the annual horoscope is actually based on the natal chart, and it is therefore necessary to study the potentials of the natal chart beforehand. With the help of the annual horoscope you can find out what are the main directions for the current year, what will be your behavior and what traits of your personality will be mostly challenged, advice on what it would be good to focus your attention upon during that period, how will your business, financial and love life unfold during the year etc. This analysis, in addition to the usual solar return, is also based on other prognostic techniques such as directions, profections, progressions and transits.

Required information

Date of birth:: Day, month and year of birth
Location: The city, or nearest major city, and state.
Date of birth: Accuracy of time of birth is essential for the accuracy of the birth chart, and therefore the annual horoscope. It is advisable to always state how reliable your birth time is (known from your birth certificate, told by your mother, etc.)
Other: It is advisable to further point out those areas of life for which you would like to get an even more detailed interpretation. It is also helpful to provide some background information about yourself, for example - are you already married, have offspring, are you employed and where and so on. In this way you contribute to a better analysis of the natal chart, especially given the ambiguity of astrological symbolism.

How are the consultations conducted?

-Consultations are conducted in person, ie. live in conversation with the client, via the Internet (Skype or Viber), or interpretation can be obtained in a text form to your e-mail address
- Consultations are not limited in time, although they usually last 60 minutes
- In the case of live consultation, some of the most important information from the reading will be forwarded to you by email

Scheduling and payment

- Scheduling is done via the form onthe contact page or by calling +382 (0)69 74 93 92
- The cost of interpreting the annual horoscope is 60 eur. This price includes the preparation time before the consultation and the consultation itself.
- Payment is made through the bank account, Western Union or other available postal services. Payment instructions will be forwarded to you in due time. Payment can be made in advance or when interpretation is ready.
- Interpretation will be ready in 3 to 5 business days

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